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What is AIP and how to join in?

What is Amanbo Importation Partner (AIP)?

If you are the Kenyan local importers, we invite you to join AIP (Amanbo Importation Partner) program. Join AIP, you can open E-shops for free at Amanbo.co.ke, sell goods to thousands of Kenyan retailers, enjoy broader sales channels and more convenient way to purchase, greatly reduce costs, gain more high profits.

What advantages can you get by joining AIP?
-   Get Free E-shop
Amanbo will give AIP an online shop for free, help AIP to realize online wholesale, online sales, in order to gain more profits.
-   Retail Network Support
Amanbo. co. ke has gathered together thousands of Kenyan retailers who opened retail stores in Kenya, at the same time, there are a large number of retailers to join every day. Mass retailers to build a broader sales channel for you.
-   More Convenient Way Of Purchase & Sales
AIP can directly purchase mass goods from China, Amanbo responsible for arranging the logistics company to delivery the goods to Kenya, AIP can sell the goods on Amanbo. co. ke by a key, let you never leave home to implement cross-border procurement and local distribution.

What can AIP do on Amanbo?
1. Open E-shop for free
2. Publish mass goods for free
3. Online sales work ( Only need to pay n % trading commissions, to deduct after the deal done)
4. Get platform retail network support
5. Go to Amanbo.com for cross-border online wholesale, purchase inexpensive but cost-effective goods

How to join AIP?
Application Steps:
1. Register an account
2. Into Buyer Center - Partners - AIP page, fill in the application form.

You submitted application will be approved by the staff.
You will become the AIP after approval. If the audit is not pass, please make sure the information correct and conform to the requirements, re-submit again; If in doubt, can click on the web page on the right side of the sidebar "Livechat" button to seek the help of the customer service.

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