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What is AMP and how to join in?

Amanbo encourages you to invite your friends to join AMP - Amanbo Marketing Partner, if your invited friend has reached an order through  Amanbo, Amanbo will give you a certain amount of promotional bonus.

How to invite friends to register:
Tell your friends to fill in your user ID when they are registering Amanbo accounts.

How to get the bonus:
1. You should apply for AMP; AMP is divided into three groups, Amanbo will be based on your identity (eg, company or self-employed)to group you;       Different groups receive different bonuses.
2. The bonus will be paid to your account when the invited user reaches an order.

Bonus payment rules:
1. When a user reaches an order (whether for sale or purchase), the user's inviter A and A's inviter B can receive bonus. (Up to two levels up)
2. Only if both A and B apply for an AMP can they receive the bonus.

The first level inviter A can receive n ‰ of order as a bonus; the second level inviter B can receive m ‰ of order as a bonus. The proportion of bonus is   related to your AMP group.

Bonus settlement:
The bonus will be paid to the Amanbo Wallet of your account.
* The money in the Amanbo Wallet can be used to purchase Amanbo’ goods, but does not support withdraw the cash.

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